SMART Academy Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides computer science, engineering, and mathematics learning resources for youth.  We offer online and in-class experiences in the form of camps, workshops, and tutorials for middle school and high school students. We utilize a hands-on approach to learning computer programming, robotics engineering, and mathematics.

SMART Academy considers all of our students to be scholars, and thus our goals are the following:

  1. BulletProvide our scholars with academic enrichment in the areas of mathematics, computer science, and engineering,

  2. BulletIntroduce our scholars to careers in mathematics, computer science, and engineering, and

  3. BulletProvide leadership and team-building opportunities to our middle-school  and high-school scholars. 

Research has demonstrated that the components of the SMART Academy curriculum make kids more excited about computing and mathematics.  Students also become more interested in pursuing careers in computer science and software engineering.

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